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Varnett’s Southwest Campus ended 2015 with a bang by implementing its  "Read to Succeed" campaign!

Thanks to the generosity of the interim superintendent, Dr. Margaret Stroud, who provided the Scholastics books, each Southwest student went home for the winter break with a book of his or her own to read and enjoy. Teachers and other staff also read the books. Ms. Mukes created a short, 10-question, multiple-choice quiz on each book.  When students returned the first week of January, they took the quizzes and kinder through second grade students who scored 70 percent or higher received a "I Love Reading" necklace. Third through fifth grade students, meanwhile, earned dog tags that read "Your future looks bright!"
Ms. Mukes said she was very impressed with the number of students who read their books, even if they weren't able to pass the quiz. Varnett Southwest recognizes that reading is fundamental to learning and academic success and will continue to strive to nurture its students’ love of reading.

Accordingly, we have kicked off DEAR (Drop Everything and Read!). Every Tuesday and Thursday, from 8:00 a.m. to  8:30 a.m., all of Varnett Southwest shuts down to read. From the director all the way to the students, everyone is reading!

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We just started DEAR this week and students and staff are enjoying the time to delve into their favorite books. Some are figuring out what is their favorite book.  Either way, we are all reading. We invite parents to bring books of their own and sit with their student’s class during DEAR time. Make sure you bring a book and come out and help us Read to Succeed!

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