Welcome back from winter break...Varnett seeks Texas-certified EC-4 or EC-6 PreK and Kindergarten teachers and EC-12 ESL/bilingual teachers. Minimum of two years' teaching experience in an elementary (PreK - 5th) school. TRS medical, retirement and other benefits available. Please email resumes to gvoltz@varnett.org or fax to 713-726-7680. Visit our website at varnett.org...Varnett seeks two self-starting, technical support specialists. Go to "Employment Opportunities" for details.

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Fall is here! The six weeks of school flew by quickly. Before we know it, we will be ready for our annual Winter Break. Please take the time to discuss with your children their recent report card grades. Make sure to include both the positives of what they accomplished, along with any challenges they may have faced during the first 6 weeks of school. 

Teachers will continue to monitor and mentor students to help them achieve their personal growth goals as we move forward throughout the school year. We believe that working together as a home and school TEAM is the best way to ensure success for our students. Thank you for your continued participation in your children’s education and support of VPS - SW!

We have included a calendar of dates and events for November and December in our newsletter as well as our monthly calendar. Please take special note of the early release day and no school days. The calendar is also available on the Varnett website, www.varnett.org.

Here are a few tips that you can continue to do at home to ensure that your children maintain academic success.

*Give your child responsibility and follow through to see that the job is done.

*Read a good book on parenting skills.

* Let your child know how you do math in daily life, such as putting gallons of gas in the car, keeping track of time, checking the temperature, adding up items, etc.

*Teach your child the proper way to answer the phone and take messages.

*Go grocery shopping with your children, and let them be involved in finding specific items.

*Let your children sort the clean socks from a load of laundry [Good categorization skill].

From all of us at The Varnett Public School, thank you for your commitment to our children.

Mrs. T.  Alexander

 “The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them”.   Ralph Nichols


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