Houston area professionals chart future course for students

Attorneys, authors, administrators, military people, athletes, politicians, real estate agents, educators and even morticians.

All of these professions and more had a presence at the Southwest campus during Career Week, April 15-18. Each of the 16 representatives talked about their careers and the work it took to be where they are today. Their audience: impressionable third through seventh graders.

“This was designed to help children understand what they can do when they get older,” said Ms. Dedra Glasco, the campus instructional facilitator who organized the week-long event. The students came up with good questions for the presenters, such as what inspired them, how long did it take to reach their current positions and, of course, what's the pay.

Not surprisingly, staying on course with their educational pursuits was a prominent theme throughout the week.

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Career Week gives students an up-close-and-personal view of an array of occupations, especially ones that may be new to them. It can broaden their perspectives about what opportunities await them. Students also can learn what skills and education are required for the industries and fields they have interest in and potential aptitude for and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Career Week has been an annual event that previously was hosted by Ms. Deloris Jackson, the campus media and resources coordinator who passed away last month.

Thanks to all of our guests for giving back to the community.

Photos by Ms. Dedra Glasco and Ms. Ellisha Newton

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