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Message from the Director

Dear Stakeholders,

It is my absolute pleasure to serve as the director of The Varnett School Southwest. The 2018-19  school year promises to be filled with high levels of academic growth, excitement and memories that will last a lifetime. I look forward to collaborating with all stakeholders, students and parents to move Varnett forward and to accomplish the aforementioned goals.

Student safety, quality instruction, academic growth and ensuring that every Varnett student is ready to compete after they leave Varnett are my primary goals. I will work tirelessly to achieve these goals. Furthermore, the staff assembled at Varnett will remain steadfast in accomplishing these goals as well.

Parents, thank you for choosing Varnett to meet the educational needs of your children. A collaborative culture blended with parental involvement will equal results beyond measure. We look forward to making this one of the most academically successful years that our students have ever witnessed.


Mr. Jesse Arps, M. Ed.

Director, The Varnett School Southwest