My Camping Adventure at Camp Cho-Yeh by Marquis Hubbard

My Camping Experience at Camp Cho-Yeh!

When I went to Camp Cho-Yeh, it was so fun. I went fishing, ate good food, went hiking, saw a movie, danced, rock climbed, and sat by a camp fire. The first thing I did was went fishing. I was happy too. The food was delicious. I was never hungry. I was always full after breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When I went rock climbing, I got to the top. When I was at the top, it felt like I was on top of the world!

The zip line was the best. It was 400 feet long. When I first went down, it was scary, then I felt wonderful 10 seconds later. At dance night I was dancing all over the place. It was fun. I was laughing too. At the campfire I ate two smores and told scary stories. Ms. Hawkins tried to prank me. I ate popcorn during movie night and watched Princess and the Frog. When I went hiking I saw a deer. It looked so beautiful. I did not want to leave camp when we had to leave. That was the best place ever.

Marquis Hubbard
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