Austin a hit for 3rd-grade visitors

The 3rd grade travel trip to Austin, Texas was fun and educational. The students were very excited to learn how Blue Bell ice cream is made. Will Perro said, “The best part was when we got to taste a free sample.”

At the Texas State History Museum, the students watched a movie titled, “The Star of Destiny.” DaMijah Strange said, “It was so exciting, I saw a snake on the movie and felt something touch my leg. I almost jumped out of my chair.” Shakara Penrice said, “It was fun when we went to President Johnson’s boyhood home. We got to see the things he had in his room.”

The students learned a lot about the Civil Rights Movement, while visiting the LBJ Presidential Library. Nia Welch stated, “We heard about President Kennedy’s death, President Johnson took the Oath of Office on the Plane.”

The students also enjoyed dinner at Texas Land and Cattle. Nathaniel Green said, “The baked potato is the best!”

Third-grade teacher Kristi Jones accompanied the students on the trip.