Congratulations to our Math superstars for December, 2021

JiJi (ST Math Penguin) and The Academics Department would like to announce the winners of ST Math for the month of December.  The Varnett Public School registered a total of 29,916 minutes of usage during the month of December!!!
The campus with a total of 14,339 minutes of usage in ST MATH is:
                                            (WOW Cheer)
Put both hands up on either side of your mouth making a “W”. Open mouth in a wide circle. This spells W-O-W
The teacher with 24% average progress of student completed puzzles is: 
Sayda Pastor Castillo from East Campus
(A "Round" of Applause)
Clap in a circle to give a “round” of applause
St Math
The student with 696 completed puzzles is:
Javier Mendoza Centeno (3rd grade) from Southwest Campus 
(Trucker Cheer)
"Grab your steering wheel.” Make an “rrrrr” sound as you pretend to steer. Put fist in the air and say “Honk honk” as if pulling a horn. Next, put fist by mouth like it’s a CB radio and say, “Good job, good buddy.”
ST Math                                                                  Southwest
ST math                                                             Northeast
Congratulations to all the winners. Please see the attachment for our winners from each campus and remember to encourage your scholars to log into ST MATH for 30 minutes weekly!
ST Math
Ms. Monique Thornton
The Varnett Public School
Elementary School Math Content Specialist
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