Southwest Library book fair drawing attention

Students at the Southwest Campus are taking advantage of a book fair that continues through Oct. 15 at the campus library.

The library started out with more than 1,500 available books this week for students, parents and teachers. Pencils, erasers, posters, bookmarks and other school-related items are also for sale.

The books are provided by the Scholastic Store, which holds fairs in schools across the country.

Proceeds from the sales are reinvested in materials for the library, such as books, audio and video equipment.

On Tuesday, students strolled into the library with money in hand as Ms. Jackson, the librarian, and teachers assisted them in their search for books.
Some knew exactly what they wanted and rushed or were escorted to their targets. In some cases, the teachers told the students that their book of choice was too advanced for them.

But in the end, the students left the library with smiles on their faces.

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