A fire-prevention puppet show for pre-kindergarten students

All together now:

"I promise I will not play with matches."

Those and other lessons were given to Southwest Campus pre-kindergarten students by fire inspector Larry Elliott of the city of Houston on Friday. He charmed students, all donning paper firefighting hats, with a puppet show to press his point about fire safety and prevention.

"Make sure your mother blows out the candles at night," he said. "Always listen to your mom, never play with matches and always listen to your teachers. The puppets also took turns in reinforcing to music what Mr. Elliott had to say.

Earlier, the students made drawings that reflected the fire safety theme and they were presented as gifts to Mr. Elliott as the show was wrapping up.

The fire inspector is part of a team that offers fire prevention tips to school children as well as to businesses and corporations.

He also talks to children at the burn center. "We are there to make them laugh," he said. "But when I see their faces, I shed a few tears."

Mr. Elliott has been with the city of Houston for 28 years and his brother, David Elliott, has been in the fire prevention business for 36 years. The brothers followed in their father's footsteps.

"I love it," Mr. Elliott said of his profession.

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