Second-grade Black History Month projects line a Southwest campus hallway

Our second-grade class had Black History Month projects assigned to them for the month of February. We wanted our students to acknowledge the many contributions African-Americans have made to our community, our country and the world alike. We wanted to increase their knowledge of the significant contributions that African-Americans have made to history.

Our students had assignment choices:

1. Create/design a poster board collage using pictures/captions. The pictures should not only represent the person, but also important events in the person’s life.

2. Create a scrapbook/photo album with pictures and captions related to your assigned person.
My team of Ms. Flowers, Mrs. Magee and myself was very proud of the work that was submitted.
We wanted to share their projects with the Varnett community because we feel they went the extra mile and learned valuable information.
Story by Ms. Sandles
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