Varnett dominates in weekend cheerleading competition

Cheerleaders from The Varnett Public School captured two first-place and two second-place trophies in the Ross Shaw Sterling High School Cheerleading Competition on April 2, 2022.

The participants were from the Southwest and Northeast campuses.

The Southwest campus Eagles finished in 1st place in the Middle School division led by captains seventh-grader Aniya Smith-Eaglin, fourth-grader Jazelle Adams and fourth-grader Hannah Hagan. The Eagles also finished in a first-place tie in the Intermediate Division led by captain second-grader Ki'Mori Johnson. On top of that, the Eagles celebrated a second-place win in the Pee Wee division led by captain first-grader Emily Adame.

The Northeast campus Mustangs took home a second-place trophy in the Primary Division led by captains fifth-grader Jaylinn Solaurie and third-grader Laila Harrel.

Cheerleading is one of several extracurricular activities offered at Varnett.

Watch Southwest cheerleaders in action!

“I am extremely proud of each cheerleading group,” said Mr. Jesse Arps, the Southwest Campus Director. “Their work and practice were on full display at the competition. I would like to thank our cheerleading coaches for the hard work and dedication to our student-athletes at Varnett.”

Ms. Francesca Mims, a Southwest coach and seventh- and eighth-grade teacher, said: "I tell my girls every day at practice that they will only be as successful as they want to be. At the end of the day, they are the ones who have to get out there and perform. This weekend they showed me how much they wanted to be successful. Their hard work, dedication and commitment led us to the win. I assured them that whether they win or lose I would be proud of them but the choice was theirs. Coaches Glasco, Flowers, Thomas, Dr. Thomas, Dozier and I can't help but be overjoyed for their win!”

There were 10 teams entered throughout the categories. Each category asked teams to showcase a 3-minute routine with combinations of cheers, chants and cheer dances.

“I am very proud of my girls,” said Ms. Amber Green, a Northeast cheerleading coach and sixth-grade reading teacher. “They have been working extremely hard in practice. This competition was their first-ever time competing, and they came in strong.”

Dr. Toron Wooldridge, the Northeast Campus Director, also praised the group.

“The Northeast Cheerleaders took 2nd Place overall in their first-ever competition. So proud of them!!”