The Parent and Family Engagement Connection

2022 has been another year of change for us all, including the Parent and Family Engagement Statewide Initiative. The PFE team has seen several changes over the last year including the retirement of two very special people, Terri Stafford, and Skip Forsyth. Terri and Skip leave behind a legacy in the field of Parent and Family Engagement but they have blazed a path for those of us who follow to keep the vision of true family and school partnerships alive. The Statewide Initiative has several new faces and will be adding even more in the months to come. Please know that the PFE team is here for parents, families, community, teachers, and all school staff. If we can ever be of any service to you or your school please reach out to us, and we will be glad to help.

Contact us at: [email protected] or 806 677-5188.

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