Scenes from the SW fifth-grade promotion exercise, top two students praise Varnett

Dr. Nita White, Superintendent, The Varnett Public School
Mr. Jesse Arps, Campus Director
Ms. Tamara Harrison, Instructional Coach
Valedictorian: Jair Montes
Salutatorian: Ayumi Deleon
Speech by Jair Montes (top photo, left)
Good morning, my name is Jair Montes, and I am the valedictorian for Varnett’s 5th-grade graduating class of 2023. I want to first say thank you to Ms. Roberts and Mr. Mays for teaching me everything I need to know for 5th-grade and preparing me for 6th-grade. I know we were challenging at times, actually, a lot of times, but your work and sacrifices did not fall upon deaf ears. I’m going to miss Ms. Roberts’s stories about Cody and what he did the night before. I'm also going to miss Mr. Mays's life advice and him telling us what to do when we don’t know something. 

Alfred Mercier said, “When we learn with pleasure, we never forget.” I think that I speak for the entire class when I say this year has been pleasurable and joyous.  

Fellow classmates, this has been an amazing experience. From the laughs to the times when we had to lean on each other... I am happy that we were able to overcome every challenge. As we enter middle school, let’s remember to listen to our teachers, study and focus on learning.   

I am inspired by my mom because I know that she works hard. This makes me want to be good in school. Thank you for providing for me and reminding me that education is valuable. 

As I close my speech, earning valedictorian is a privilege. The studying of math, reading different articles, and learning how to write clearly has made me a better student. I have been at Varnett Southwest since Pre-K and I could not imagine myself at another school. Thank you and the best to you!!


Speech by Ayumi Deleon (top photo, right)


Hello, my name is Ayumi De Leon, I am the 5th-grade salutatorian for Varnett’s 2023 graduating class. First, I would like to thank God for giving me all the knowledge that I have and the opportunity to be salutatorian. I would like to thank all the teachers and people that have worked with me this year. 

I thank Ms. Roberts for her encouragement and I will miss her talks about her dog, Cody, and her talks about how we not only represent ourselves but we also represent our parents, and Varnett. 

I also want to thank Mr. Mays for his encouragement as well, and his talks about what, and what not to do in life, and what it takes to be someone in life. 

I also want to thank my parents for their encouragement and support. My mother and father always encourage me to go to college, get a good job, and make lots of money! Mom and Dad, this is the first step. 

I want to thank my friends for being my friends and for the ones that are leaving this year. I wish you the best and I will miss you. Varnett will not be the same without you. 

I thank Varnett for providing me with my foundation and the staff who have helped me since kindergarten. Jair, congratulations on being named valedictorian of 5th grade. To the entire class, I want to congratulate you for making it this far. And for the ones that are leaving this year, I wish you the best and you will be missed.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you" --  B.B. King. I have learned so much during my time at Varnett. Every day that I turn onto South Willow Drive, I am reminded that new experiences are awaiting me once I enter the classroom.   

In closing, Class of 2023, it's been a fabulous ride and the best is yet to come. Middle school means a lot to me and I hope that we are all successful over the next three years. We entered Varnett to learn, now we exit to lead. Thank you for your time and have a great day. I´m coming for you in sixth grade!!!!

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