Pre-kindergarten pageant yields fun, benefits

Five girls and two boys participated in a pre-kindergarten pageant as students raised more than $2,000 for a travel trip.

Jaden Holt was named Mr. Pre-K and Heaven Youngblood was named Miss Pre-K for their efforts in raising the most money, with the help of their parents. Jaden's parents are Angela Johnson and Lamar Holt and Heaven's parents are James and Ja' Tonia Youngblood.

The students engaged in pomp and circumstance and staff in attendance participated in the revelry.

Other members of the royal court were Star Murrell, Amarri Jackson, Amy Benitez, Dashaun Pinesette and Ayrion Byrd. Mr. and Miss Pre-K each earned $100 saving bond, paid trip to Moody Gardens, crown/tiara, sash, certificate and a trophy.

Ideas for the fundraiser, to help offset the cost of the end of the year travel trip, included selling ads, securing pledges from family members and friends, conducting bake sales and garage sales and organizing a car wash.

The pageant attire were solid color dress, lace socks or tight for the girls and solid color color suit with tie for the boys.

Click here for photos by teacher Ms. Nguyen.